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In order to use AcornPipe, you need to have the corresponding USB security key somewhere on your network. All AcornPipe users in your office can share one USB key.

Click the link below to download the complete AcornPipe Install, version 8-713:
This includes the AcornPipe program, plus the AcornClients folder. You get the option to install either or both of these. If you are simply updating your AcornPipe installation, you do not need to install the AcornClients folder.

If you are setting up AcornPipe for the first time, install just the software on each workstation, and put the AcornClients folder on the file server.

You will also need to install the key driver (Sentinel Protection Installer) on the machine that hosts the USB key. This may or may not be the file server. Note that the USB key should NOT be plugged in until the driver has been installed.

The final installation step is to go to each workstation in turn, start AcornPipe and use File/Set Clients Folder to point to the AcornClients folder on the file server.

It is also possible to install everything on one machine, including the key and its driver. The latest key driver, referred to as "Sentinel Protection Installer", is available at: Sentinel Protection Installer

Occasionally a key driver may become corrupted, perhaps because of a new service pack, power failure etc. If this happens to you, use Add or Remove programs to remove the existing Sentinel Protection Installer, reboot your machine, and reinstall the driver. Be sure to unplug the key before installing the driver.


Printable list of AcornPipe Standard Details:
Standard Detail Images.PDF

For more tutorial files:
Learning Tools PDF Files

Learning Tools Flash Videos

Material Control:

This document outlines the material control section of the AcornPipe software.
Acorn Pipe Material Control



Register the .dll files to enable the mouse wheel in reports.
Click to Download the dll registry executable files here.
Some operating system will require the registration of .dll files in the Windows System folder.
For more information on registering files - check out the info on our FAQs page at
the bottom of this page.

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