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Learning AcornPipe on PDF:

 Flash video files, as well as PDF files help you learn AcornPipe Software techniques. We use zipped files to protect the contents from picking up viruses out there in cyberspace.
Acorn Pipe Systems PDF files online: Click on the "Get Adobe Acrobat Reader" Icon at the bottom of this page, to visit the Adobe Website, where you can download a free copy of Acrobat Reader.  

Click on the PDF filename to open or to download various chapters of the AcornPipe Manual. These are pretty large files, and I would recommend that you right click on the link, then select  "Save Target As" to download the PDF file to your computer. Viewing these files from your computer will be more efficient than viewing them online.

NEW: Our customers have asked to have all of the Standard Details in a printable format.
We have created a PDF file of all of the details.   
Click here to download this file.

Adding the IP address of your Sentinel Key Device to the servername.txt file

This helps to make sure that your IP address is read to find the sentinel. Sometimes when you have a wireless air card, or other wireless connection, the program will try to search the internet for the key device. This file's content will make sure the program looks for the key device on your terminal only. On a network where two people are using two different keys, this file will make sure your terminal is reading the correct IP address to
find the correct sentinel key port.

Open/Download Getting Started with AcornPipe.PDF

Open/Download Quick Start KeyStroke Guide.PDF 

Open/Download New Client - Job Setup.PDF

SpecSetup Part One .PDF

SpecSetup Part Two .pdf

Notes - All About Onscreen Notes.pdf

Copy and Paste Branches.pdf

Open/Download  WeldMapping - Heat Numbers.pdf

 SW-TH Fittings guide.pdf

5-Elbows-Offsets-Pipe Bends Manual.pdf

Resetting the Data Folder.pdf

Backing Up your Work.pdf

Open/Download Edit and Create Title Block Text.pdf

Open/Download  Edit BOM Greying Out -Remove Pipe and Fittings.pdf

Open/Download  Edit BOM to Change Material.pdf

Open/Download  Numbers - All About Control Numbers.pdf

Open/Download  Material Control and Pricing 

 Open/Download  Dimensioning Pipe and Fittings.pdf

Library Items-Creating-Saving-Importing.pdf

Open/Download  Creating Material Summaries and Reports.PDF

Open/Download  Networking AcornPipe.pdf

Open/Download  Create Transition Piece - How to

Open/Download  Clients and Jobs folders - Where are they in Windows Explorer?

Open/Download  Pipe Breaks - When Pipe Lengths Cross Over Each Other

Open/Download  Mitre Joints - Drawing.PDF

 Open/Download  Edit "Master File" Material Categories to Add Material

Open/Download  Material Groups and Metric Conversion Charts - two pages

Right Click
to Download PDF File, select "Save Target as".....then select directory.

Open/Download  Convert Pipe Configuration to Bent Pipe System Drawing

Open/Download  Convert 2 - 90 Degree Elbows to 180 degree Return

Open/Download  Wall Thicknesses/Schedule Changes  in Master Files

Open/Download  Flange Rotation Details - creating and saving

Open/Download  Backing up Your Client and Job Folders

Open/Download  Edit Master Files to Add New Pipe Material

Open/Download  Edit Master Files to Add New Fitting Material

Open/Download  PDF Files/Adding a Flanged Strainer to Flanged Valves Menu.pdf

Acorn Pipe
Systems PDF files online: Click on the "Get Adobe Acrobat Reader" Icon below, to visit the Adobe Website, where you can download Acrobat Reader free.  


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at your convenience.

Additional Training with AcornPipe:

Contact John Young or Joanne Blanchfield at Acorn Pipe Systems regarding training at 780-963-3303 or 1-800-363-9777, or email

AcornPipe training is also available at Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
NAIT Patricia Campus,
12204 - 149 Street, Edmonton, Alberta

For Program Information, contact:
NAIT Student Success Centre 780-471-6248
Patricia Campus Reception at 780-378-7200
Pipe Trades Instructor is Dave Hughes:

Click the link below for Contact Information:

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