Networking with Acornpipe

A single AcornPipe software package can be used on multiple machines in the same office. Here's how:

1. You will need to purchase an AcornPipe Software package for about $400. It includes a program CD, training CD, and USB key.

2. Install the AcornPipe program (but not the AcornClients folder) on each workstation. It is suggested you use the latest version from the Complete Program Downloads page of this website, unless your program CD is newer.

3. Install the AcornClients folder on a server which is accessible from all the workstations.

4. Decide where you plan to plug in the AcornPipe USB key. Many users prefer NOT to have the key on the file server, as this avoids having to reboot the server in the event that the key driver needs updating. Hoever, remember that the key will not work while its host computer is turned off. DO NOT PLUG IN THE USB KEY YET.

5. Run the Sentinel Protection Installer on the computer that is to host the USB key. Then, as a precaution, reboot that computer to ensure that the key driver is active. Once the computer has fully finished rebooting, plug in the USB key and wait several seconds to allow Windows to detect and recognize the key and assign it the correct driver.

6. On one of the workstations, launch AcornPipe. It may take several seconds to find the key the first time. Select File/Set Clients Folder and navigate to the AcornClients folder on the server. Repeat this on each workstation in turn.

AcornPipe searches for the key on the local subnet. However, machines on a different subnet can still use the key provided the path to the key server is provided in ServerName.txt, located in the user's Application Data/AcornPipe folder. Note that in most cases, no entry is required in Servername.txt, so it can remain blank.

Installing the Sentinel Key Driver:

The key driver normally needs to be installed just on the machine that hosts the key. However, we understand that sometimes the key driver needs to be installed on the workstations as well.

The Sentinel Protection Installer may ask your permission to make a firewall exception to allow AcornPipe to access the key. You need to assent to this in order for the key to do its job.

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