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How to Order


AcornPipe program, US$370
comes on a USB flash drive
along with a USB security key with 100 drawing counts
The security key supports multiple users on the same network.

Updates and support by phone, email, or online meeting are at no charge. You can download an update anytime.

To place an order, call 1-800-363-9777 or email

Additional drawing counts (minimum order 100) can be purchased for US$1.25 per count
Larger purchases qualify for bonus counts as follows:

500 + 5%
1000 +10%
2000 +20%
3000 +30%
4000 +40%
5000 +50%

So if you order 5000 counts, the cost is $6250,
and you actually receive 7500 counts,
resulting in a unit cost of about 83 cents.

You can draw without using up any counts provided you don't save the drawing. If you do save a drawing, it costs one count, then you can continue to make modifications and repeatedly resave that drawing for 45 days. After that, you can make limited changes at no charge, but if you add or remove more than four items, a drawing count will be charged, then you can make unlimited changes for an additional 45 days at no charge.

The drawing "remembers" the key number with which it was created.
If the drawing is modified and resaved using a different key, one count is consumed on that key, and the drawing then retains the new key number as its creation key.

Entering NDE information such as Welder IDs, X-Ray numbers, etc.
can be done with any key and does not count as a change to the drawing.

To order additional drawings, select Help/Program more drawings...
Click on Copy Existing Values and paste into an email to, along with details of your order. You can also call 1-800-363-9777.


For Sales and Support call:




Acorn Pipe Systems Inc.
1-53314 Range Road 20
Parkland County, AB
Canada  T7Y 0C4

Tel: 780-951-7756

email links:
Customer Support: Customer Support - Click Here
John Young: John Young, President of Acorn Pipe Systems Inc.
Joanne Blanchfield: Office Manager/Drawings/Sales

The AcornPipe program will start to remind you that you need to "Order More Drawings Soon", at each drawing saved, when you have 15 or fewer drawings left.
The message will change when the last drawing has been used, to "There are no drawings left on the key...etc."
You will not be able to save any new drawings until your key is replenished. However, you can still view or print existing drawings, and you can still modify drawings you have done recently.


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