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AcornPipe Software for Windows

With AcornPipe, you can quickly draw piping isometrics as installation or fabrication drawings. You can create installation isos even more quickly by importing IDF or PCF files. On installation drawings, you can set breakpoints and split the drawing into several fabrication spools.

While you draw, AcornPipe automatically develops a bill of materials, updating it with every item you draw. When you save a drawing, materials and labor are written to a database. This lets you  generate various reports including materials summaries and weld reports for the entire job or for any desired group of drawings. You can even print a version of the drawing that lists detailed pricing of each item, weld, cut, bevel, end protector etc. along with a total price for everything on the drawing.

In order to make it accessible to everyone from large fabricators to individual pipefitters, AcornPipe has metered pricing using a hardware key. $370 gets you a key preloaded with 100 drawings. The key is networkable, so you need only one key to run your whole office. The key registers one count the first time you save a particular drawing. Normally edits to a drawing are free provided they are done with the same key present. You can view or print a saved drawing any number of times without incurring an additional count.

Importing an IDF or PCF file costs one drawing count for the first five items on the imported drawing, so importing a five-item drawing costs the same as creating it yourself. Larger imports register one further  count for each additional four items, up to a maximum of nine counts for 37 items or more. So an IDF file with 100 or 200 items can be imported for nine counts.

Additional drawing counts (min purchase 100) are $1.25 each. Bonus drawings are awarded for purchases of 500 drawings or more. When you purchase additional drawings, you are provided with a customized code which adds the desired number of drawing counts to your key.

Pricing is in U.S. dollars. Canadian orders are subject to GST. There is no GST on U.S. or other international orders. Canadian dollars are currently accepted at par.