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Our main page. There are links to the left of the content to click on several links. More links are found at the page bottom,

Frequently Asked Questions Page. This is a valuable tool for both Acorn Pipe Systems Inc., and our software users. This page covers the most often asked questions, and addresses those issues.

*The following two pages allow us to have complete program installs available to our program users, as well as post update files which can be downloaded, unzipped, and installed. There are key driver installs available on these pages as well.

File Update Downloads
This page contains update files for the latest AcornPipe version. You can download and install the latest updates to AcornPipe without reinstalling the complete program. Update Sentinel Key Drivers, and complete sets of Master Files are also available on this page.

Complete File Downloads
This page will allow the current AcornPipe user to download the complete Install Files, as well as updated Sentinel Key Drivers.

*The following two pages will give you access to tutorials to help with learning AcornPipe software.

Learning Tools PDF Files -
This page will allow you to view and/or download PDF files of information. Some of the subjects are: 'Getting started with AcornPipe' and 'Setting up Specs'.

Learning Tools Flash Videos 
This page contains flash video tutorials which can be viewed, and downloaded. Subjects are 'Adding a valve type to the library', Editing Material Files to add New Material', Etc.

Importing IDF Files
This page contains explanatory information regarding the AcornPipe program's capability to import IDF files and create spool drawings from this source.

Material Control
This page has explanations on the functions and features of Material control in AcornPipe software.

Networking AcornPipe
This page addresses networking AcornPipe. There is a Q and A section as well, featuring frequently asked questions about networking this program.

This page is where we will place information meant for a specific user, or to answer a question specific to a certain situation. Often, we place a file here for a specific program user. Then we send a link to that user.

Photo Gallery
This page is empty at the moment, but we do hope to add some photos of some of our AcornPipe program users completed projects, as long as they are willing to share that information with us.

We know piping projects, and we know piping software. AcornPipe software is our only product at this time. This page will give you the run down on how to order AcornPipe software and how to order additional drawing files for the software.

Services and Support
Here, you will find a description of the services and software support that we supply.

This page tells you all about AcornPipe Systems and about our AcornPipe software.


Upcoming AcornPipe workshops and events are listed on this page.


This page lists our corporate contacts, as well as phone numbers, and email addresses.


This page tells you who our employees are, and what we do.

We are not currently hiring, but when and if we do, the positions available, will be listed on this page.

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